Sanur favorites: Kamboja Homestay, the spa at Artotel, standup paddleboarding by Sanur Beach, Power of Now Oasis, fresh seafood along the beach, calm beaches, watching the sunrise, the cafes and shops, live music at night.  

Ubub favorites: Sradha Villa, Sacred Monkey Forest, fire dancing, all the healthy food and fresh juices, coffee, rice paddies, "Awesome Afternoon Bike through Ubud," the temples, yoga, shopping, and zooming around on a scooter. 

Jimbaran favorites: Aahh Bali Bed and Breakfast, fresh fish while watching the sunset (Teba Cafe was our top), ocean cliffs, breathtaking views, small villages. 


August 2016: Denver, Boulder, Chautauqua State Park, St. Mary's Glacier, Arapaho, and Mt. Evans.

AKA Rowdy looking cute on mountains. 

Oslo, Norway

As our plane descended into Norway on a clear July night, Lorenzo and I were struck by 1) how damn beautiful the landscape was and 2) how damn light out it was at 10pm. 

During our short time in Oslo, we were surprised by a few more things (full disclosure: we did pretty much no research before coming): the number of 7-Elevens, how expensive everything was, and modernness of the city. In all honesty, we didn't fall in love with Oslo. However, the opera house was really cool and the local IPAs were awesome. I think if we had more time to explore beyond the city, it would have been a different experience. 

A bonus was flying over Iceland on the trip home! Next adventure? 


When I told people I was going to Albania, the common response was, "Really? What for?" Totally understandable; Albania doesn't get nearly as much love and attention from the hoi polloi as its more popular neighbors. 

But now I can say that Albania is one of the most stunning and interesting places I have ever traveled. The beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and the delicious fresh food that costs next to nothing completely ruined me - why vacation anywhere else?? The friendly people and pristine landscapes completed the package. A major highlight for me was the night sky that swept over the sea and mountain range with a bazillion stars. 

Our travels through Albania included the beach towns of Saranda and Dhermi and the posh capital Tirana. While we felt safe and cared for the entire time, it definitely helped that there were several people in our group native to Albania and fluent in the language. I left a piece of my heart in this amazing place.