Greenpoint, Brooklyn

"A cozy little neighborhood with a strong Polish presence, Greenpoint’s charming townhouses and cramped shops imbue its streets with a sense of welcomed familiarity. It takes a little longer to reach always-on-the-move Manhattan from this northernmost Brooklyn neighborhood, but basking in Greenpoint's communal vibe is well worth the extra minutes. Also worth the journey? The stellar skyline views of downtown Manhattan from the rooftops of Greenpoint’s converted warehouses and loft apartments." - AirBnB

I spent a mild, grey Sunday exploring Greenpoint, Brooklyn and attending the Valentine's Day Market.  Greenpoint is scrappy but special - rugged and artsy and urban and communal. The food at the market was pretty fantastic, especially my vegan hot dog by Yeah Dawg and the artisan desserts. Watching the Roving Typist work was a highlight!