Peru - Paracas and Ica

The time we spent on the pacific coast of Peru was renewing and energizing. After an overnight flight and a long van ride from Lima to Paracas, the little beach town was what we needed to feel refreshed. Despite the fishy smell constantly wafting from the ocean, you couldn't help but relax amidst the warm air, calm water, and friendly locals.

We enjoyed fresh ceviche on a rooftop patio at Restaurant Paracas, delicious pizza at a quirky place called Misk'i, and of course lots of lots of cusquenas and pisco sours. 

One of the highlight of our time in this region was a trip out to the sand dunes near Ica. After a buggy ride across the dunes that was way better than a roller coaster, we sand boarded down the slopes. The views were breathtaking!