The Daymude Family

It was pure joy to take maternity pictures for some of my dearest friends and favorite people in the world, Chip and Kelly. Baby Daymude is the luckiest little kiddo to have such a beautiful, loving family. And Pongo is definitely excited to be a big brother! (Click on the first picture to scroll through.) 

Roshie in the Park

I really love working with fashion blogger Roshie Anne of This was our second session together - a beautiful December day on Riverside Drive modeling workout looks and fitness practices. Roshie obviously is gorgeous and has great style, but what makes it such a pleasure to work with her is her infectious energy and enthusiasm. She is so bubbly and confident that you can't help but feel inspired just being around her! 

People's Climate March, NYC

"That is one of the reasons numbers matter: they build on themselves, speaking to the part in each of us that doubts change can really happen. But numbers also say something to the larger world; they are the basic currency a movement relies on. The fossil-fuel industry represents the one per cent of the one per cent; lacking scientific arguments, its advocates use their only asset, an unparalleled pool of cash, to maintain the status quo. If the rest of us are going to shake up the planetary gestalt, our equivalent currency is bodies—and the passion, spirit, and creativity they contain." - Bill McKibben, Among the Marchers - The New Yorker

Jackie and Jarrett's Rehearsal

I love wedding rehearsals. They are fun, intimate, and brimming with anticipation. Jackie and Jarrett's rehearsal was just such an occasion. It was truly a celebration of joy, love, friends, and family. I am so excited for them as they begin this new journey together!

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." 

The Tesars

The Tesar Family - Buddy, Karina, Eliana, and Joseph. 

It has been incredible witnessing the Tesars' journey. From dancing at their wedding, late nights in their apartment, playing with their new puppy, beach trips and camping, to visiting them in their first house, meeting their little girl and a few years later their little boy, I have loved being a part of this family's adventures. My husband and I have been friends with the Tesars since college, and now, with so many life changes, our friendship seems to become even stronger and more valuable. Thank you Buddy and Karina for letting me capture some special moments with your beautiful family!

Models at The Goat Farm

Photo shoot at The Goat Farm Arts Center. Atlanta, Georgia. February 2014.

Sunday was my first Meetup, and my first time photographing professional models. I was a little intimidated, but the other photographers at the event were incredibly supportive, and the models were so sweet about my awkwardness when posing them. It was an interesting and helpful experience!

Oliver's First Birthday

Oliver Shearrow's first birthday party.

What a joyous day! It's hard to believe that already a year has past since my friends brought life into the world. I am so happy to have been there to celebrate Oliver's first birthday. One of the best parts was watching his face light up when everyone sang to him, and then light up even more with his first bite of cake. I love the monster theme!

The Shearrows

John, Amanda, and Oliver Shearrow make up one of the kindest, warmest, and cutest families I know. They are also some of my dearest friends, and I've loved being a part of their lives and witnessing all of their exciting changes over the past seven years. It was a joy to take pictures of the Shearrows at their beautiful new home in Atlanta this past Sunday. Oh and with those doe-eyes and huge grin, Oliver is definitely a little heartbreaker