Snow Day

It snows in Georgia maybe once a year, and it sticks even less frequently. On Tuesday Atlanta got hit with the winter storm Leon, which brought two inches of snow to the city. This might seem like a laughable amount to those accustomed to trudging through several feet of snow for weeks on end, but the South isn't prepared. Twenty minute commutes turned into twenty hour ones, cars were abandoned on the highway, kids spent the night at their schools, police could not respond to all the wreaks, and a child was birthed in a traffic jam. 

Despite all the stress and chaos, the fallen snow was beautiful, but what was even more beautiful was the compassion that radiated throughout the city. People took to Facebook and Twitter to offer food and beds to those unable to make it home, braved the ice to push strangers' cars out of ditches, and rode ATVs to rescue families stranded on the highway without gas or warmth. I am grateful that we were reminded this week of the innate goodness that humans possess.