Body. Breath. Beats. yogasound LLC.

"May all that has been reduced to noise in you become music again."

- David Teems

Instructor at Sacred Thread Yoga in Atlanta. Private sessions and workshops available.  Email

Weekly classes on Tuesdays, 6pm at Sacred Thread Yoga in East Atlanta Village. 

As a yoga instructor, I:
Seamlessly combine breath, movement, and music
Create and lead sequences that are challenging yet accessible
am attentive to alignment in order to prevent injuries
Lead students to cultivate a personal yoga practice that carries over into their daily lives
Bring energy, fun, and inspiration to each class
Help students feel welcome, empowered, and deeply connected

Certifications and Trainings

 200hr RYT with the Yoga Alliance - Sonic Yoga in New York City

Biodynamic Yin Immersion - Sacred chill in atlanta

"Mary's yoga teaching style is authentic and fresh, with fun beats to usher you through her vinyasa flows. A beautiful person trying to share light and love with all those around her!" 
"Mary came to my home and was professional and patient as she led me through some modifications in my normal practice early in my pregnancy. I didn't realize the value in private yoga lessons prior to Mary; she pointed out some ways to improve certain poses that were small adjustments but made a huge difference in my flow and practice. Private lessons are a great way to fine tune your yoga skills and meditate in the safety and comfort of your home."
"Mary is a phenomenal yoga instructor, comfortably mixing fast paced flows and strength building with meditation and mindfulness. I love her classes!"
"Mary was a very attentive instructor, she offered adjustments and had such a positive attitude during her class, it's contagious. I think her classes are very well crafted with great complementary movements. I could tell she carefully tailored the sequence of the movements. I also loved the music she played during class. I have been to many yoga classes and can tell a great from a good instructor. wholeheartedly, she was a great one. she is very dependable, lives, breathes and spreads yoga enthusiasm. Highly recommend!"

"Mary's not just one of my closest friends - she really is an incredible teacher. Case in point: I can now balance on one leg because of this woman. If that's not wizardry/great instruction, I honestly don't know what is."