I promise you, you are not alone.

To be vulnerable is to be incredibly strong.

Never, ever be afraid to ask for help.

There’s no such thing as having all your shit together, all the time.



fucking let it go.


maybe the





were always meant to be



you could


into your full being and



It’s been a while

since I’ve seen the stars in the sky

and been reminded of our smallness and insignificance.

But also of our connection,

of our part,

though I don’t really know what this means,

what anything means.

The stars remind me that we are something in the everything.


Wear your wounds with pride.

Scar tissue makes you stronger.

Gold fills in your cracks.


Lace up your tall boots.

Step into this wild journey.

And always pack light.


Or maybe you just

need to sit awhile and breathe

in more of yourself.


I sank deeper still,

the sea embracing my soul,

and I forgave you.


Baby, don’t despair.

What is dark will be light soon.

Trust the moon’s orbit.


The mountains take my breath away.

Actually, no.

They give me breath.

And make me more aware of

and in love with

that breath than I’ve ever been.



for a single second,

your life without fear

or hate

(which is really just fear).

What would it taste like?