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Hunter Moon

I stood on my porch

under the glow of the moon

and knew the women before me

who looked at this moon,

felt its soft glow seep into their skin,

felt a shift in their bellies,

their blood

their hearts

and understood

they belonged to something grand.

As It Should Be

Oh, those perfect nights —

where every word spoken flows into the next,

connecting and building a glistening web

that we fall into.

And tongues are free

and hearts are forward

and souls are open

and there are so many stars in the sky that you remember

you are nothing.

And everything.

And it’s exactly as it should be.

Back To Me

 Things that bring me back to me

{a partial list}:

Clean skin in clean sheets.

An open night sky…

Rolling out my sea blue yoga mat;

coffee at sunrise

and wine at sunset.

Crashing waves and the smell of salt —

a long deep talk,

a long deep sleep.

Skin Needs

my skin needs

Warmth — safe and embracing.

my skin needs

Sunshine — invigorating and penetrating.

my skin needs

Softness — to be reminded.

my skin needs

Your Touch — to be home.


May I Always

May I always

walk barefoot on hot sand,

hold my breath and go deep deep under the blue waves

until my lungs scream.

May I always

move until my muscles yell mercy

then stretch out on a soft clean bed, knowing that sleep is safe and mine.

May I always

feel butterflies for what’s to come

and peace and gratitude for what’s been

while living just in this moment.

May I always

know myself

and if I lose her — 

understand how to find my way back.


I seek nature —

For the smell of a damp creek bed or sun-kissed tree bark or cool air that’s brushed mountains before entering my blood.

For the way my skin responds — becoming damp and heavy or dry and stripped, breaking a barrier between me and the earth. 

For the way I’m moved from my head into my heart and lungs and legs. 

For what the insects’ hum and birds’ notes and trees’ hushing reveal.

To feel grounded and expansive at the same time.

To remember cycles and witness science and magic existing together.

Because it’s the clearest understanding I’ll ever have 

about how to heal, who I am, and what matters.


Lick salt from my lips,

feel the soft breeze and strong waves —

and know the ocean.

...and maybe with each

generation there can be

a little less pain.

Wear your wounds with pride.

Scar tissue makes you stronger —

gold fills in your cracks.

Or maybe you just

need to sit awhile and breathe

in more of yourself.

I sank deeper still,

the sea embracing my soul,

and I forgave you.

Lace up your tall boots,

step into this wild journey,

and always pack light

Darling, don’t despair —

what is dark will be light soon.

Trust the moon’s orbit.

Though I know darkness,

that doesn’t mean I have to

keep visiting it.

She may be messy,

but at least you know her heart —

and what makes it beat.