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Gratitude for 2018:

I started a new position at work, one that pushes me forward. I taught yoga and then stopped. I finished my book. I deepened friendships and formed new ones. I traveled with my husband to Bali, Colorado, and Puerto Rico. We hiked and camped and kayaked in our home state of Georgia. We took weekend trips with friends filled with belly laughs and stargazing and bonfires and nightswimming. My beloved grandma died and we celebrated her life. I took a break from therapy. I wrote more. I started CrossFit and began teaching yoga there. I learned to better listen to the whispers. I learned to better live with my heart open and soul forward. I’m still figuring a lot of shit out and working through things, but I know it’ll be okay.

Manifesting in 2019:

I have deep, meaningful relationships, awesome friendships, and an exceptional marriage. My career is fulfilling. My book is published. I write and create. I travel frequently and live broadly. I am brave. I am aligned with my flow. I prioritize my physical, mental, and spiritual health. I live heart-open, soul-forward, and expansively.