#108wordstories - meditation

There’s so much power in these two little words. Not I want to be, I will be, I should be, I wish I was. I am. Meaning you own your shit and speak your desires into reality. I am happy. I am thriving personally, professionally, and spiritually. I am at peace. I am a good friend/husband/wife/daughter/son. I am. This morning, my meditation was inhaling “I am,” and exhaling what I want to continue, increase, or manifest. Sinking into the space between the thoughts. Feeling. Being. Breathing. I am connected. I am grateful. I am happy. I am doing what I’m meant to be doing.


#108wordstories - presence

You are not your past. You are not the things you said and didn't say, did and didn’t do, could have been and should have been. You are not your family, friends, circumstances, heartbreaks and triumphs, hidden shames and boasted joys.

You are this breath, this moment, this sensation. You are the drumming heartbeat, the air on your skin, the energy that flows into you and through you and out of you. You are love. You are whatever you let yourself be.

And when you find yourself getting snared in the gnarly darkness, heavy regrets, and scratching what-ifs, maybe just sit awhile and breathe in more of yourself.

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